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Expert Lawn Care in Memphis from Lawn Solutions Inc

Locally owned and operated, Lawn Solutions delivers great service the national companies can’t touch. We won’t bother you with endless phone calls, junk mail or selling you services you do not need. We just want to deliver better lawn and yard care for you.

Twenty Years of Yard and Lawn Care Experience

For more than 20 years, Lawn Solutions, Inc. has been blazing a Memphis lawn care trail through the Mid-South. When you drive through one of the many neighborhoods we service, you will notice clean, sharp, manicured lawns that are the pride of every homeowner. We aren’t just taking care of lawns; we’re making beautiful communities.

Expert and Certified Lawn Care Specialists

Our lawn care Memphis specialists are continually educated, tested and certified so that Lawn Solutions is always on the cutting edge of Memphis lawn care. Our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and will always be uniformed to symbolize our commitment to professionalism.

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For expert lawn, tree and yard care call Lawn Solutions today and find out what your neighbors already know – we’re the number one name in lawn service in Memphis!

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